Sew Unik University

Your gateway to sewing mastery!

Discover the art of sewing from the comfort of your home with "Sew Unik University", a online sewing program tailored for beginners and sewists of all levels. We have over 60 courses, ranging from clothing, accessories and handbags. Immense yourself in our self-paced courses, each unveiling a new aspect of sewing each month. Elevate your skills with exclusive monthly Q and A sessions, providing the guidance you need on your sewing journey. Join Sew Unik University and sew your way to creativity and mastery!

What makes our online sewing course UNIK?

Our "Sew Unik University" membership plan is very different and UNIK from any other online courses. Our course is designed to help you along the way. This is no "pay and good luck" course. We provide very detailed step-by-step tutorials and accountability monthly calls to keep you on track.

  • We break down every aspect of sewing from the very beginning.

  • You will gain knowledge on fabrics, needles, thread, notions and sewing terms.

  • Our course is self paced so you don't feel rushed through the process.

  • We provide monthly Q and A sessions to keep you on track.

  • Learn accessories handbag and clothing designs.

  • Avoid the frustration and learn with ease and confidence.

  • No obligation, can cancel at any time!


Once you pay, you gain full access of all materials.

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Start your sewing journey today!

Sew Unik University Sewing Program checklist:

  • Monthly Q and A Sessions: Engage in live Q and A Sessions every month. Receive personalized guidance and expert insights.

  • Modern Sewing Techniques: Explore contemporary sewing methods. Stay updated on the latest trends and innovations in the world of sewing.

  • Sewing Patterns Mastery: Learn to decipher and utilize diverse sewing patterns. Gain proficiency in adapting patterns to create unique designs.

  • Self - Paced Learning: Enjoy the flexibility of learning at your own pace. Access course materials anytime, anywhere.

  • Step by Step Tutorials: Follow comprehensive tutorials for each lesson. Master fundamental and advanced sewing skills through detailed guidance.

  • Interactive Learning Environment: Participate in a supportive online community. Collaborate with fellow learners and share your progress.

  • Creative Projects: Apply learned skills to exciting and practical projects. Showcase your creations and build a portfolio of completed works.

  • Continuous Skill Development: Receive new course content and challenges monthly. Elevate your skills progressively with each module.


Got questions about our online course?

  • Who is this course designed for?

    This course is designed for beginners with little to no experience those who want to advance their skill level.

  • What projects will I learn?

    With over 60 sewing projects and videos, you will learn how to construct accessories (such as tote bags, bonnets, pillowcases, makeup bags, etc) garments (such as pants, skirts, bomber jackets, hoodie & joggers, etc, dress, etc) and handbags!

  • How do I cancel my membership?

    You have the ability to cancel your membership anytime through your profile. It's very easy. Remember, our course allows you to cancel at any time, no obligation.

  • What tools are required to begin?

    During the first course, you will receive a list of things needed throughout the duration of the course. We will also provide a list of sewing machine recommendations as well.

  • Can I share my membership with a friend?

    No. The system will kick out duplicate users. If this happens, a refund will not be granted.

  • How long is the course?

    This course is self paced. You go at your own speed so there is no rush. We want to ensure you are comfortable and obtaining all the information and knowledge provided.


Here from my students enrolled in the class!

This course is amazing

by Shambry

This course surpassed my expectation. I learned so much and am so excited to continue to learn to sew. I made more pillowcases for my daughter.

I'm excited about this course

By Annie

I joined with absolutely no sewing experience. The videos are really easy to follow along and when I got stuck, Diana was available to help me through zoom. I can't wait to finish my bomber jacket class that is next on the course list.

Just wow!

By Camella

I truly was nervous about taking this course online because I am more of a hands on learner and I must say, Im enjoying it. I learned how to thread my sewing machine by watching the videos. It was so easy to follow. Diana is such a great instructor. The monthly Q and A sessions are a hit. I get to ask questions on live and she is able to answer all my questions. She gives us monthly challenges and interacts with us. Im so happy I joined!!!

The best online course ever!

By Robert

This course is mind blowing. To see where I started and where I am at now is crazy. I love that it is self paced and I can learn at my own speed. I love this courses are broken down into parts, which makes it much easier to follow along. Great job with developing such a easy to follow course!